Fircroft Oilfield Services’ Safety Commitment

Safety is our first commitment to all of our personnel, clients and within Fircroft Oilfield Services, Inc. organization. Excellent safety performance is an item of added value that we take pride in bringing to our projects.

The key to our safety program is the firm commitment by all members of management and supervision to prevent accidents and conditions that could lead to injuries. Safety flows from the top down; however, it depends on the active involvement from each colleague in their daily work assignments to meet this challenge. All employees have the authority to STOP WORK during any operation or work activity that they feel is unsafe. Our operations management always plan / design a safe project, provide specific safety training, maintain a safe work environment and consistently enforce our safe work procedures.

At Fircroft Oilfield Services, safety is a responsibility that cannot be delegated. The level of project safety performance is a direct reflection of the leadership of that project. Each manager and supervisor must accept this responsibility and will be held accountable for the safety performance of all personnel under their supervision.

With persistence, planning and enforcement, Fircroft Oilfield Services’ safety program will be the leader in the industry. This is our prime business objective and we expect to let the results speak for themselves.